90A & 135A

210A & 375 A

Auto Phase Selector

Special Features of Auto Phase Selector | Having facility and protection for Automatic Phase Selection | Under voltage | Over Voltage | Short Circuit | Over load

  • By installing our product you can save up to 50% of Electrical wiring material and Electrician labor charges on new buildings.
  • Under-voltage adjustable at the site from 132 V to 228 V.
  • Overvoltage adjustable at the site from 252 V to 300 V.
  • Each phase switching ON TIME DELAY can be adjusted at the site (0 - 15 Sec).
  • Even one phase or two-phase supply is available the output will be available in all three phases. (During one or two-phase failure only SINGLE PHASE load can be used. The three-phase load cannot be used
  • If one phase or two-phase is having under voltage or over voltage that particular phase supply is not allowed to the load side and supply will be given to the load with available HEALTHY PHASE SUPPLY TO ALL THE THREE PHASES.
  • If all the input Three-phase EB supply is having either under voltage or over voltage (below / above the set voltage value) the input LOW VOLTAGE OR HIGH VOLTAGE supply will not be allowed to the load.
  • Suitable for OUTDOOR installation (IP -65/67 ABS Box) having protection for Water Proof / Rust Proof / Shock Proof / Dust Proof ABS Box ( Life Minimum 25Years)
  • Available ranges (per phase) 30A, 45A, (in ABS Box) 70A & 125A (in M.S Box)


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